Cutting with Terzago Cute 36 625 machine

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At Unique Surfaces Plus, we love working with stone.

So much so that we only use the very best machinery when it comes to getting your project finished. The Terzago Cute is one of the best machines in the world for working with stone. That’s not a surprise considering that Terzago has been designing and manufacturing machine tools since 1905. The latest machinery is vastly different now, and the Terzago Cute is the latest in a long line of cutting-edge stone cutting equipment. The durability and precision of the Terzago Cute makes it our favourite bit of kit when it comes to cutting and shaping stone, and it’s the ideal machinery for delivering your stone designs.


Environmentally Friendly Products

The eco-friendly nature of the Terzago Cute helps ensure that we are an environmentally responsible stone cutting company. With no oily residues and a noticeable lack of toxic fumes, you can order your special project from us knowing that we are using only the best and most sustainable machinery available. We love the planet as much as we love working with stone, so you know that you are getting nothing but the products that have the least amount of carbon footprint possible.

How we make a shape for you by Waterjet machine

Precision, Detail, and Customization

The touch panel and precision control of the Terzago Cute means that no matter how intricate your task or detailed your designs, we can produce the finished result that you need. The Terzago Cute even allows for full 90° tilts thanks to a manual tilt of the head, so there are no limits to the projects and products that we can bring to life for you.

Our London-based machine park is ideally located when it comes to delivery, and we can have your completed project designed, cut, and delivered to you in as little as 12-hours. Make sure that you contact us today to find out how we use the Terzago Cute to provide the best quality products no matter your needs.

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